What is SANZA digital share (token)?

The SANZA digital share (token) is a digital security that provides a balance sheet for SANZA fund investors and grants the right to receive dividends and profits generated by SANZA fund trading activities.

When will the SANZA digital share cost 10 USDt?

The price of SANZA token is based on the direct relation of the funds available in the SANZA fund to the total number of the shares purchased by the investors. Thus, the stock price of SANZA depends only on results of the auction.

The approximate forecast of value of the price of SANZA token in the future can be made based on the graph showing the growth of SANZA. At the same time, it is important to understand that results of the auction in the past do not guarantee any results of the auction in the future.

How to invest in the SANZA fund?

Please fill out a request for investment. The manager of the fund will contact you to give aconsultation and help with setting up a wallet for carrying out actions with SANZA. The manager will also send a sample of the contract and the relevant details for transfer of crypto assets (BTC, ETH or USDt).

How to get profit?

The SANZA Fund is an investment solution which provides dividends and profit distribution based on the results of trades.

Dividends depend on the volume of trades in the past period and are calculated automatically on the BTC-wallet of the investor.

The profit from trading is paid on the redemption of SANZA shares. The decision to redeem SANZA shares can only be made by an investor. Redemption can be done monthly after revaluation of the value of SANZA shares.

When does a revaluation of a SANZA share take place?

Revaluation of SANZA share is performed monthly, from 1st to 10th day of the month following the reporting. The updated value of the shares is published on the website and in the private telegram channel for the investors of the fund.

How often are dividends paid?

Dividends are paid out monthly, from 1st to 10th of the month following the reporting. Payment is made automatically to the BTC-wallet specified by the investor.

What if I want to redeem the tokens now, while revaluation will be performed in a week?

An extraordinary revaluation of SANZA shares is carried out at the request of the investor. The cost of an extraordinary revaluation is 1 000 USDt.

What will happen if the loss is more than 10%?

According to clause 2.7. of the contract, the fund compensates for the cost reduction of more than 10% at the expense of its own funds and upon condition that the investor repays SANZA tokens in the given month.

What if I lose access to my wallet with SANZA tokens?

In case of loss of access to the wallet with shares of the SANZA fund, the investor will continue to receive dividends on his BTC wallet. However, without access to the wallet, the investor will not be able to repay SANZA shares. To ensure maximum protection of the wallet and the possibility of its recovery, please follow the instructions of the fund to create a wallet.

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