Asset management through tokenized fund.
Binance special conditions!

  • Target profitability - up to 20%. Risk - 10% a month
  • Monthly profit shifting
  • Distribution of returns 60/40 in favour of investor
  • Regular reports for investors through a secure channel

Profitability per month*

*Trading history statement available upon request.



Binance provides us with special benefits:

The highest cryptocurrency liquidity

Tight spreads

Low fees

Personal manager

With Binance we earn more!

How do we trade?

We analyze the current market conditions and forecast trends for the next 1-5 days

We earn on the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency market

We trade liquid cryptos only

We hold positions from 1 to 5 days

Minimum price fluctuation allows us to earn due to tight spreads,
low fees and special trading conditions.


Target audience

SANZA ASSET MANAGEMENT Fund offers its services to private investors who are seeking profit from USDT through long and short trades on the cryptocurrency market.

The minimum investment of 5,000 USDt, high target ROI and fixed risk make SANZA ASSET MANAGEMENT attractive for investors who want to diversify their investment portfolios.

Terms and Conditions

We signed argeement

Minimum investment of 5,000 USDT

Investing in BTC, ETH, or USDt

Target profitability - up to 20%. Risk - 10% a month

Distribution of returns 60/40 in favour of investor

Management fee — 0%

Fund token purchase and sale commission fee - 0,5%

Monthly token revaluation between 1st and 10th of the month following the reporting month

100% token liquidity

How to invest

SANZA token is a Pie Token of the SANZA ASSET MANAGEMENT FOUNDATION investment fund.
When you purchase a SANZA Token, you purchase the part of the SANZA fund ownership proportional
to the size of your investment.

Сurrent token price: 1 SANZA = 1,6139 USDt
Token revaluation date: 08.03.2020

Step 1. Submit an application for the investment

Step 2. Get a personal consultation and fund presentation

Step 3. Sign the agreement and start earning


Alexander Skurchaev


Trading experience in stock, futures, raw materials, exchange and cryptocurrency markets since 2009. Author of proprietary formalized trading algorithms. Mentor and speaker.

  • Since 2009: trading in Forex, US stock market, commodity futures market, cryptocurrency market
  • 2011-2012: trading US stock market in the proprietary SDG office. Trading Independently since 2012
  • Since 2014: trading in the commodity futures market
  • Since 2017: trading in the cryptocurrency market
  • 2019 — present: CEO of SANZA Asset Management

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