Tokenized fund with dividend payment.
Earn BTC as monthly dividend payment and USDt as profit share based on trading results.
Best trading results are ensured by OKX exchange.

Dividend payment

All our trading operations are performed through OKX exchange. This increases OKX liquidity and profit via commission payments. Part of the funds earned through commissions OKX returns to SANZA Fund. We share it with our investors as dividends.

Trading results: Monthly returns

Trading results: Cumulative returns*

*We provide a statement confirming the history of bidding.


OKX provides us with exclusive conditions:

The greatest possible liquidity in the cryptocurrency market

Narrow spreads

Extremely low commissions

Client manager to deal with possible issues on a first priority basis

OKX exclusive conditions of allow us to earn more!

Trading strategy

We aim to maximize profits and minimize risks through:

  • a set of diversified, market-neutral strategies
  • allocation of fund assets between strategies based on real-time risk/profitability ratio in the current market
  • comprehensive systematic technical and fundamental analytics of the cryptocurrency market
  • automated trading solutions (robots) used under the supervision of an experienced trader
  • use of liquid cryptocurrency market instruments only
  • OKX exclusive trading conditions

For Investors

SANZA Fund is great for private investors who want to earn BTC and USDt. We pay monthly dividends in BTC and profit in USDt based on trading results.The minimum investment amount is 5000 USDt.

High target returns and fixed risk make SANZA ASSET MANAGEMENT highly attractive for diversification of your investment portfolio.


Terms and conditions

Target trading yield up to 20%.
Risk — 10% per month

Service contract

Management fee — 0%

Distribution of trading profit as the 60/40 ratio in favor of the investor

Minimal amount of investment — 5 000 USDt

Fund token sale or purchase commission — 1%

Monthly dividends of about 1%. Dividends do not depend on trading results

Deposit and payments in BTC, ETH, USDt

Token revaluation period: from the 1st to the 10th of month following the reporting month

How to invest?

Investment in SANZA Fund is performed via token purchase. The SANZA Token is a digital share of the SANZA ASSET MANAGEMENT FOUNDATION investment fund. By purchasing a SANZA token, you become the owner of the part of the SANZA Fund proportional to the sizee of investment. The token is used exclusively for investments and dividends accounting. Its value depends on trading results only.

Step 1

Leave a request

Step 2

Schedule our consultation and presentation

Step 3

Sign the contract and start to earn

Александр Скурчаев

Managing Director

Alexandr Skurchaev

In the financial sector since 2009. Experienced in the stock, futures, commodities, foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets. Author of our proprietary formalized trading algorithms. Speaker.

  • Since 2009: Forex trading, US stock market, commodity futures market, cryptocurrency market
  • 2011-2012 — trading in the US stock market in SDG proprietary office, independent trading outside the office
  • Since 2014: trading in the futures commodity market
  • Since 2017: trading in the cryptocurrency market
  • Since 2018: Development Manager of
  • Since 2019: Managing Director of SANZA Asset Management
  • Since 2020: Vice President of Blockchain Technologies of the National Association of Digital Economy

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